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The Jason Bourne readers want to see in 2020 violently graces the pages of Brian Freeman’s The Bourne Evolution. With unrelenting action, a clever cast of heroes and villains, and an AI-driven plot, Freeman’s novel does not disappoint.

Freeman effortlessly weaves Jason Bourne into today’s world, where big tech and social media have such significant influence in our lives.

Bourne finds himself framed for the assassination of a congresswoman. The set up is convincing enough to prompt Treadstone, a CIA blacks ops program that made Bourne an elite operative, to want him dead.

Through Abbey Laurent, an investigative journalist, he soon discovers that a secret organization in bed with a popular social media company is behind the assassination. The more Bourne and Laurent dig, the larger the conspiracy becomes, with Jason having to utilize more than killer instinct to survive.

In The Bourne Evolution, Freeman brings a new style and tone to the Treadstone operative, while continuing to pay homage to Robert Ludlum’s original character. Freeman also shows the reader that he does his homework, writing a real-life conspiracy and mass murder into the central part of the story. At first, the decision seems a bit abrasive, but the author ties everything together nicely, leaving the reader to wonder, what if?

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